Founded in 2005, The Ultimate Group of Companies has grown from strength to strength, to become one of Singapore’s leading purveyor of wellness and beauty groups. Today, we have 4 prominent spa brands in the market, namely The Ultimate, Adeva Spa, Spa Rael and The Spa by The Ultimate. The Group boasts prime locations predominantly in the heart of Singapore’s shopping and recreational district.

The intrinsic synergy between the mind and body has inspired the Group to venture into medical-spa partnerships with trusted aesthetic clinics in Singapore. Our partnership with The Aesthetics Medical Clinic provides a global approach to wellness and beauty, harnessing only the latest medical technologies and beauty-enhancing procedures for the discerning clientele. 

Kang Shou TCM echoes the same sentiments, committed to promote the philosophy of TCM and enjoy a healthy well-being.

Channelling the passion for health and beauty, Little 2 Bosses was conceived as a reflection of our desire for holistic beauty deliverance. It encapsulates the group’s vision to deliver envisaged hairstyle along with hair health as an integral focus.

The Group carries luxury Spanish skincare label, Natura Bissé. Founded by one of the most influential beauty dynasties listed by Harper’s Bazaar, this celebrated skincare label has been distinguished with various international awards and honors such as VOGUE and ELLE Beauty Awards. Since 2005, Natura Bissé has been the chosen skincare for the ‘Oscars’ awards.


To become the leading urban wellness and beauty group in Southeast Asia. We are committed to provide an extensive healing space, along with outstanding products and spa services for our patrons to indulge in the ultimate wellness and beauty experience.


We aspire to have a positive influence on our patrons’ lifestyle and habits to living well. We are a socially responsible spa group who strives to operate our business in the most sound and viable manner, while protecting our shareholders’ interest.

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